Monday, 11 March 2013

Scores on the doors...February

Wondering who's top of the Patchwork Challenge league? Look no further...

 First up, here are the standings in terms of a raw points total;

 Congratulations to Jonathan Gibbs, who has scored a pretty massive 143 points in just 2 months. Jonathan was top of the comparative league at the end of January, but despite having so many points has slipped out of the top ten in the comparative scores league...

Next up, we have the league table for those without comparative scores. Fourth place in the overall points totals standings is enough to put Rob W at the top of the non-comparative league, so congratulations to Rob

And almost last, but certainly not least, we have the comparative totals league. This league is pending clarification as the top place according to our spreadsheet was occupied by someone who had seen 103% of their comparative total! Obviously something has gone wrong somewhere with that so we'll look into it and make changes if necessary.

In the meantime, hearty congratulations to Graham Powell!

As well as congratulating all who find themselves in the top tens, we'd just like to thank everyone for their continued support with this and for submitting their scores. I hope it's proving to be a worthwhile venture for folk and that you're all enjoying the Patchwork Challenge

One final league table - we thought it might be interesting to see what a points per bird league (simply the number of points divided by the number of species). Funnily enough, the finders of the two highest scoring finds of January occupy the top 2 spots, and 9 out of the ten are a) coastal and b) northern. I'm not sure what that means.....

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