Monday, 16 December 2013

Adding your patch to the 2014 patches map.

For 2013 we tried to make a map showing each and every patch in the competition. Well - it became a bit of a nightmare to keep up to date (and we put a few patches in the wrong place!) so for 2014 it's over to you! If you want to put your patch on our map you can, by following the instructions below. If you dont want to, thats fine!

You can access the map here:

To add your patch is really simple. Find the right place on the map (you can zoom in and out using the plus/minus buttons in the bottom right corner).

Then, add your marker. Below the search bar at the top you'll see a series of small icons - if you hover the mouse over them the names will come up. Click once on the 'add marker' icon, and then click again where you want to drop it on the map.

When it drops, a box will automatically open up. In the top box, please write the name of your patch, and in the larger box at the bottom, please write your name. If you have a blog, website etc, you can add a link to this in the middle box (remember to 'add' after pasting the URL in.

And hey presto - there you go! Just click save and you're done. Patch mapped!

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  1. If you can't see the icons with the marker symbol, log into Google and they will appear.