Friday, 25 April 2014

South West Minileague - March

Sean Foote on Portland manages to draw level with Kev Rylands at Dawlish Warren thanks in part to finding a Kumlien's Gull. Kev has been top in the South West for so long this is a real turn up for the books. In fact there is a Portland pincer movement with the assistant obs warden, Joe Stockwell closing in as well only six points back and we know he has already found a Serin in April - perhaps he has bridged the gap? Marcus Lawson at Swineham GPs drops out of the top 3 but is still going great guns with 128 points for an inland patch. Other good bits and pieces included a Hoopoe on Portland and a Chough at Gwithian for Paul Freestone.

Nowt but a fag paper between Marcus Lawson and Dan Chaney in the comparative league with the former taking charge by less than 0.3% with both guys in the 69%. Will it be one of these guys that breaks 80% in April? Paul Bowyer moves up a couple of places to take third and is only 3% back on the leaders. In fact the top 5 places are covered by less than 7%. All very close and hopefully plenty of competition throughout.

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