Sunday, 21 December 2014

South Coast Minileague - November

The two horse race at the top will go down to the final month, with Adam Faiers at Sandwich Bay edging out Andy Johnson and Sandy Bay. Amy Robjohns is representing NGB in third.

There are 3 green contenders in the South league, with Andy Johnson leading the way at Sandy Point. Birdtrack participation is quite low, maybe something to build on in 2015.

A Serin and a Caspian Gull at Sandy Point were good quality finds to help rack up points for Andy Johnson. There was a 2nd patch record of Water Pipit for Mark Lawlor on Guernsey. The highlight of the month at Conningbrook Lakes was a Skylark using the cover of Neil Burt's car to escape the clutches of a local Merlin.

The comparative league is no contest this year, although next year there will be a few more participants in this category. Adam Faiers at Sandwich Bay has an impressive 147% comparative. Mark Lawlor on Guernsey just needs a couple of quality additions in December to take him past the 100% mark.

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