Thursday, 12 March 2015

Inland Scotland - February 2015

Alastair Forsyth rises back to top spot on the Inland Scotland Comparative Minileague table in February with an extra 12 species added at Old Nisthouse leaving him on 68.45% and over 100 points with an impressive points per bird score of 1.417. All in all not a bad comp score to be on by the end of the second month. The Blue-winged Teal on his patch continued to show throughout the month.

Andy Cage moves from first to second at Kilmany whilst Chris Pendlebury clears right through third to fifth in his attempt to swamp the league with as many of his patches as possible!

The top five rankings on the points table sees little change other than Andy Cage losing third place to Pete Antrobus at Lochmaben where a trio of Scaup was his best find of the month. Both Pete and David Douglas (Loch Leven) are newcomers to the league but ones to watch out for as they represent some excellent patch birding sites with great potential.

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