Saturday, 29 August 2015

Coastal South - July 2015

Paul Freestone adds three points and jumps to 108% thanks to some glorious #patchgold in the form of a Kingfisher - a new bird for his Gwithian patch. Andy Rhodes failed to add but stayed in second place while Peter Hazelwood makes slow progress to 96%. Will he break through 100% in August?

Joe Stockwell, who runs the rule over the Weymouth reserves, stays top of the pops after another decent month with five points added this time. Such exotica as Wood Sandpiper and Crossbill managed to grace his list which keeps him clear of Sean Foote who couldnt make inroads at the top. Paul Bowerman just manages to hold on to third spot thanks to a Ruff. Ilya Maclean makes his play for the podium with a Cory's Shearwater on his Lizard patch plus a handful of Pomarine Skuas. Roger Musgrove in North Somerset managed to add both Red-necked Phalarope and Quail this month which were perhaps the highlights. Roger incidentally along with Dick Best are the beneficiaries of some incredible habitat creation on their patches with the new Steart WWT reserves which could turn up something outstanding before too long.

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