Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Coastal East Anglia - August 2015

Craig Fulcher is the first contestant to breach the 100% barrier in Coastal East Anglia thanks to adding Balearic Shearwater and Wryneck this month. Tommy Corcoran moves into second after adding 7% this month. Ryan drops to third after spending most of the month off patch. James Brown adds 5% to get very close to the podium places - perhaps a decent September at North Lowestoft will elevate him.

Wryneck - Craig Fulcher

Nige Lound stays top in the points minileague after adding 20 points this month with Black Stork, Red-backed Shrike and Barred Warbler seen and a self-found Wryneck adding some bonus points. Robert Smith moves up a place into second after a decent August at Holme adding 14 points this month. James Brown does make the podium in the points minileague after adding Wryneck, Black Tern and Little Stint. Away from the top of the table and the only additional bonus points this month were for a Wryneck unearthed by Scott Mayson at Thorpeness which moves him up a place.

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