Sunday, 15 November 2015

Coastal North Minileague - October 2015

The top five remain unchanged in the coastal north comparative league this month despite gains by numerous competitors and a plethora of good birds strewn along the coast. Ash Baines remains rooted in first place with an additional seven species boosting him from 104.75 % to 109.58% with Snow Bunting and a patch first Goldeneye his highlights throughout October. Second place Stewart Sexton was also rewarded this month with his first Jack Snipe in seven years of observation at Howick, Northumberland. - #Patchgold!

Congratulations go to third place Seaumus Eaves for reaching the 100% marker this month following a good run at Fleetwood that saw the addition of 15 points derived from seven new species. Among these, tantalising goodies such as Marsh Warbler, Yellow-Brow and Long-Tailed Duck. Both Chris Bradshaw and James Spencer also look set to break the barrier in the coming months and November could easily see the top five comparative patchers nestled snugly on 100% and above. 

In the points league Mick Turton continued his impressive (to say the least) run at Easington with a smorgasbord of avian delights noted throughout the month. Among these; Pallas's Warbler, Lapland Bunting, American Golden Plover and Great Grey Shrike. Not one to bypass the more run of the mill species however Mick was also delighted to pick up three Bullfinch his garden.

Further down the table things remain largely unchanged yet again though many and more patchers clocked some #patchgold throughout October. Among these Hume's Leaf Warbler, Pallid Swift, Siberian Stonechat and Great Grey Shrike for Martin Garner at Flamborough Head, enough to make anyone's mouth water. A Great Grey Shrike also featured for Dave Aitken at RSPB Bempton Cliffs. Elsewhere in the league Chris Bradshaw unearthed not one but two Richard's Pipits at Long Nab, followed later by a Sabine's Gull. Yellow-Browed Warblers continued to be a prominent feature of the league throughout the month, notched on a total of five patches, sometimes in force, as was the case for both Stewart Sexton and Pete Marsh. Concluding the noteworthy offerings this month, a healthy dose of autumn migrants including Short-Eared Owl, Brambling, Ring Ouzel and more Jack Snipe added points for some patchers though a special, non-avian, mention has to go to the Basking Shark picked up by James Spencer at Barmston. Not bad at all!

Yellow-Browed Warbler - Stewart Sexton

Record shot of the month? - Ash Baines
- James C (Patchwork Challenge)

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