Thursday, 10 December 2015

Inland East Anglia Minileague - November 2015

The comparative league remains static at the top with the Ben Moyes at the head of the table with Nick Robinson in second and Ben Rackstraw is in third despite not a point added between the three. Steve Swinney is the latest addition to the 100% club thanks to a windblown Razorbill at Linford and leapfrogs Nick Moran in the meantime. Mike McCarthy drops down as we correct a maths error and he returns to 87.7%.

As with the comparative table the points minileague is quiet at the top end as Ben and Jamie are stuck in a slow race to the win. Throwing a potential spanner in the works is Steve Swinney whose 5 points in november almost put him in striking range as bridges the gap. Is 12 points too many? Ashley McElwee resisted the off-patch lure of Little Auks to bag a self-found Great Grey Shrike amongst a 10 point day. There were no other significant additions this month although a couple of scoreless finds were notable with a Caspian Gull for Nick Moran at BTO HQ and a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker for Darren Oakley-Martin at Potton.

Caspian Gull - Nick Moran

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