Saturday, 16 April 2016

Coastal Scotland Minileague - March 2016

March finally saw Chris Rodger swiped from his perch at the top of the comparative leader board. Adding another 5% wasn't quite enough for him to hold onto his reign at the top. Stepping up to the plate is Stephen Welch and his Gosford Bay patch. He managed an impressive leap from third place with 17% gained since February!

At Aberlady Bay, Mike Hodgkin is also progressing up the league table with an 8% increase, moving him into fourth place and hot on the heels of Andrew Whitehouse who didn't manage to add a single species for the month.

He may have slipped on the comparative scores but Chris Rodger isn't giving up the top spot on the points league. With a tidy haul of birds including Black-throated Diver, he's increased his lead over second place by seven points.

Adding Iceland Gull could prevent Geoff Morgan and his Barns Ness patch dropping into fourth place as Stephen Welch and Mike Hodgkin move up the points league. Iceland Gull featured elsewhere this month, with Colin Davison (Scoughall) and Andrew Whitehouse (Girdle Ness and Torry) both connecting with a white-winger.

Iceland Gull, Barns Ness (credit: Geoff Morgan)

Highlights were slim for March with Iceland Gull gracing the three patches mentioned above and a small selection of waterbirds enjoyed by Stephen Welch at Gosford Bay - Whooper and Pale-bellied Brent Goose. Stephen yet again impressed with his BirdTrack recording, managing 581 record submissions! Elsewhere, Common Crossbill was encountered by Jonathan Clarke at Whiteness Head and a Red-necked Grebe for Geoff Morgan at Barns Ness.

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