Friday, 27 May 2016

Under 25 Minileague - April 2016

The top three remain static in the April Under 25 comparative minileague with Amy Robjohns heading things up thanks to four patch ticks in the month (Stone Curlew, Great White Egret, Dartford Warbler and Arctic Skua) taking her beyond the 100% mark. Rhys Chivers has pushed her all the way and finishes this time on 91% adding Wood Warbler, Avocet and Yellow-legged Gull. Ben Moyes completes the top three on 86% with a host of regular migrants including Cuckoo and Yellow Wagtail.

It is a different story in the points league with Joe Stockwell taking over at the top on 187 points with Amy just a brace behind. Joe added Balearic Shearwater and Pied Flycatcher to hold top spot and we know both have bagged bonus points in May so who knows how this will end? Jonathan Farooqi loses his share of second but remains on the podium this month at Druridge Bay although he remains a single point ahead of Erik Ansell.

Black Redstart - Will Scott
Outside the podium there were a number of good bits and pieces turned up with George Dunbar being on hand as part of the ringing team when the White-crowned Sparrow (photos coming on that minileague post) unexpectedly turned up at Woolston Eyes. A Ruddy Shelduck for Findlay Wilde scores a big fat 0 as there havent been any accepted birds in 50 years. To score points for this species in all likelyhood you will need a ringed bird (sorry Findlay...). Will Scott turned up a Black Redstart at Humanby while Ellis Lucas managed to connect with the Green-winged Teal at Wheldrake. Several folks intercepted Ospreys moving north this month as this species continues to become more abundent with each passing year. Edward Betteridge at Evesham had a Siberian Chiffchaff on patch. Dan Rouse had Slavonian Grebes on both of here patches including a brace at Morfa Bacas. Worst luck went to Dan Beadle who had an Iberian Chiffchaff 100 yards outside his patch boundary (was it not audible? points then...).

And just for giggles here is Amy's Glaucous Gull.

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