Sunday, 28 August 2016

Coastal South - July 2016

Amy Robjohns continues to move onward in her quest for minileague glory. She extends her lead by 3% this month as Paul Freestone and Dick Best fail to make any additions in second and third place. Amy's best this month was a Nuthatch although she also found a Great White Egret. 

Amy remains top of the points minileague as well with a 7 point cushion over Joe Stockwell as he failed to add for the second month in succession. Sean Foote closes on the leaders adding a couple of points with a Yellow-legged Gull.

Bearded Tit - Amy Robjohns
The only other bird of note was the Dalmation Pelican at Loe Pool for Ilya Maclean. Ilya has decided not to take any points for this bird but naturally he is welcome to add 5 or 15 as appropriate should it get accepted. In 12 years. After a review of the first review. And further records. And isotoping. Just joking of course. As mentioned on the podcast it is up to personal views until the record is assessed and should it be rejected it should be removed from the lists of those who have it on.

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