Monday, 1 July 2013

The South Coast

It's turning into a bit of a one horse race down on the south coast points league, with Any Johnson a full 44 points ahead of the competition. Roles reversed at the top of the comparative league though, with Liam Curson swapping 2nd for 1st.

South Coast - Points
1Andy JohnsonSandy Point15221081.5534
2Liam CursonCuckmere Haven and Splash Point131166104.4025
3Ian RobertsSamphire Hoe12615978.32512
4Adam FaiersSandwich Bay111129N/A
5Cameron BespolkaSt.Catherines hill, winchester111120N/A
6Joost BrandsmaHythe101116N/A
7Chris PowellChartham9510475.36232
8Mark LawlorPulias Headland748766.92308
9Andy AppletonHaysden00N/A
10Ashley HoweNeeds Ore NR00N/A
11Barry HForeness point00N/A
12Craig SammelsPegwell Bay00N/A
13Dave BoddingtonSheepcote valley to Brighton marina00N/A
14Jacob EverittArlington Reservoir00N/A
15Jim watermanHamble Point00N/A
16Michael BookerBlack Ditch/Poling00N/A
17Tony Beckett00N/A
South Coast - %s
1Liam CursonCuckmere Haven and Splash Point131166104.4025
2Andy JohnsonSandy Point15221081.5534
3Ian RobertsSamphire Hoe12615978.32512
4Chris PowellChartham9510475.36232
5Mark LawlorPulias Headland748766.92308

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