Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Coastal East Anglia Minileague - June

Stuck record time - Tim Hodge is still at the top and it's going to take a multi mega miracle to top him! James Brown is the only one with a chance of catching up, being a mere 45 points behind, but third place is Gary White who is 73 points off the pace. Thats only 5 self found firsts for Britain...

It might all be about the battle for third place in this minileague. At least there looks like there might be a bit of a fight...

Nick Andrews is out in front on the comparative league, with a small margin, nothing like the massive gaps above. He's about 7% ahead of Gary White, who in turn is 8% ahead of Craig Fulcher. Craig is doing the decent thing and keeping our Ryan out of the top three....but it could all change if someone has a good autumn.

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