Monday, 14 July 2014

Midlands Minileague - June

As might be expected, June proved a quiet month with most migrants having now arrived and additions few and far between. This was perhaps reflected by fewer submissions at the month end, and thereby a number of scores that have not moved in the month.

Ian Cowgill at Lound still heads the way, breaking the 150 species barrier this month and racking up an impressive 184 points. A Red-Necked Phalarope for Andy Mackay at Eyebrook keeps him in third, spoiling the Nottinghamshire party at the top of the table as John Hopper and Nick Crouch on their respective patches make up an impressive top 4.

14 patchers are now totalling over 100 species for the year. An honorary mention has to go to the 5 birders who have topped 1000 bird track records, in particular Andy Sims who has topped 5000 records including his first Little Tern in 31 years! Great going Andy!

With autumn migration about to start, our 5 patchers with a comparative score are all looking to beat last years totals. Matt Griffiths at Earlswood leads the way, but he can't rest on his laurels as the rest of the pack are bunching up close behind.


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