Monday, 17 November 2014

Inland East Anglia Minileague - October

A self-found Penduline Tit for Ben Lewis at Mid Yare Valley RSPB helps him close the gap between second and first place, the latter currently held by Jamie Wells at Paxton Pits. Just three points separate the two. Steve Swinney at Linford remains in third but managed to add an impressive ten species since September including Eider, Little Tern and Short-eared Owl on consecutive days. Some great patch birding there! Whilst Jamie and Ben will certainly be battling it out for first place over the next two months it would be worth keeping on eye on Steve as he'll certainly cross the 200 points mark and given the excellent year he's having it will be interesting to see how it all settles come 31st December. 

Nick Moran at Thetford edges closer to the 10,000 records mark for BirdTrack. Great to see plenty of other patchworkers well into their thousands of records in this league also.

The highlight of the month for James Appleton at Ebridge Mill was half a yogurt topped flapjack in his coat pocket, not to be snuffed at!

Steve Swinney increases his comparative score at Linford to over 139%, leading the table by a long shot. Ben Lewis crosses the 100% mark, entering the top five taking fourth place from Jame Wells.

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