Monday, 10 November 2014

Wales Minileague - October

 It had to happen and with Ben Porter heading off island Steve Stansfield takes over at the top in October. Jason Moss threatens to bisect the Bardsey duo but news reaches us that Jason has just finished his stint on Skomer - so close. Matt Meehan is the best of the mainlanders and Barry Stewart remains fifth.

In terms of best birds this month a hatful of Barred Warblers on Bardsey were split with three to Ben and one to Steve. Steve also managed Leach's Petrel, Long-tailed Skua and Sabine's Gull. Jason scored with similar species adding his own Barred Warbler, Sabines and Long-tailed Skua but with additional Balearic Shearwaters, Yellow-browed Warbler and Melodious Warbler. He also managed a bit of Patch Gold in the form of a Mute Swan.

There was a Yellow-brow at Kenfig which was found by Darren Coombs although David Carrington managed to see it as well. A duo of Firecrests at Crymlyn Burrows and Newport Wetlands were the other scarcities on offer. Find of the month is undoubtedly Mark Hipkin's Kentish Plover.

Alison remains top and in the comparative league Ben remains ahead of Steve in second place. Steve actually managed to jump four places as he tops 100%. Adam Tilt at Cefn Drum is this months other big mover as he climbs two spots. 100% is certainly attainable for most of the other competitors. Good luck in the final couple of months of PWC 2014.

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