Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Coastal Scotland - January 2015

The coastal Scotland league sees a reduction in the number of competitors in PWC2015 as the islands depart for their own island league to compete alongside the likes of Bardsey. So there are five patchers that feature in the comparative league, with two already seeing their way past the 50% mark. Chris Hill tops the bill with an impressive 59% with Stephen Welch just behind on 53%. There is a long way to go yet!

The best bird on patch in January was unquestionably the Harlequin Duck which is becoming quite a celebrity on the River Don and found itself on Andrew Whitehouse's patch. Quite a start to the year! Chris Hill at Burntisland found summer coming early with a Sandwich Tern, alongside his other highlight of Little Auk a rather odd and unseasonal match! Little Auk's also put in appearances at Gosford Bay and Girdle Ness. Perhaps indicative of the quirks of birding coastal Scotland were highlights including Collared Dove and Blue Tit - everyone's #patchgold is different!

In the points league, new entrant to PWC2015 Mike Hodgkin leads the way, falling just short of the 100 point mark but an admirable effort in January which can be hard work (if birding an be called hard work?). Stephen Welch and Chris Hill fill the early top three spots but there are a lot of birds still to be seen this year. It's good to see birdtracking taking place. In the less covered corners of the UK, these records become all the more important.

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