Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Inland Scotland Minileague - January 2015

The inland Scotland league was a runaway victory last year for Alastair Forsyth at Old Nisthouse but his impressive score last year might be a tough one to beat with Andy Cage at Kilmany and Chris Pendlebury at Blairdrummond pushing him into third after the first month of the year.

60% is a very impressive comparative this early and with the top 3 over 50% it bodes well for the year ahead.

It was however Old Nisthouse that  turned out a real pair of teals - with Green and Blue-Winged Teals putting in appearances within an hour of each other. Most patchers would be ecstatic with either of these American visitors so both on the same patch same day is quite something. Add to that a dark phase Gyr and if Alastair is going to beat his score then he has started the right way.

Other patchers also turned in some good local birds including a Pochard at Lochmaben which was something of a local rarity for Pete Antrobus. A Smew was also a nice seasonal find at Blairdrummond.

The Teal combo sets Alastair on his way at the top. Quantity is similar in the top four but quality opens up the 22 point gap. It is an exceptionally tight league however with just seven species splitting the top six patches. All to play for an a good start all round.

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