Thursday, 25 June 2015

Inland East Anglia - May

The Nick Robinson steam train keeps rolling as he maintains his lead at the top of the Inland EA minileague thanks to a patch Osprey at UEA. Ben Moyes has kept pace this month and becomes the second contender to break the 100% mark thanks to a nice variety of migrants including an inland Sandwich Tern. Ben Rackstraw remains in third but has closed the gap on second to just 2.5% with his highlight being a Wood Sandpiper at Downham Market. With another three players in the 90s perhaps a decent late spring could see someone shaking it up.

Jamie Wells has coming striding in from 7th to take over at the top with 166 points at Paxton Pits displacing his old rival, Ben Lewis who slips to second place. Ben Rackstraw is also climbing this month - up two places to third. The best find of the month goes to Stuart Reeves at Mutford showing reward for diligence on patch with a Golden Oriole. Aside from this the only three pointer was a none find - a White-winged Black Tern at Paxton Pits which Jamie Wells connected with. Other highlights included Turtle Doves for Jonny Rankin (appropriately) and Ben Moyes.

Turtle Dove courtesy of Jonny Rankin.

If you haven't donated to Dove Step 2 (and why not?) read about Jonny Rankin and co's epic adventure to try and raise money for Turtle Doves here:

A very worthy cause!

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