Sunday, 26 July 2015

Estuarine Minileagues June

A patch find Crane at Brantham keeps Ed Keeble in top spot for the month. Meanwhile Gordon Hodgson edges the battle for second with Shaun Robson just 0.7% behind. No-one has hit the 100% mark yet - but with an autumn of potential wader highlights on the horizon there should be some game-changing points scoring to come!

The heavily watched Frampton / Freiston reserves dominate the top places with Dave Craven and Howard Vaughan breaking the whitewash. With so many watching the same site, the points table is extremely tight. So finding a rare bird on patch is going to make all the difference, and so it proved as a self-found Broad-Billed Sandpiper sends Paul Sullivan into top spot. Frampton also got in on this spring's Red-Necked Phalarope influx.

Dave Craven is in an excellent fourth spot, with three patchlifers in the month in the form of a Sandwich Tern, Hawfinch and Pied Flycatcher. 

#Patchgold - Pied Flycatcher at Hale & Pickerings Pasture c/o Dave Craven

Howard Vaughan also added points for a Quail whilst Ian Ballam had #patchgold with a Nightjar at Lytchett Bay.

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