Friday, 24 July 2015

Inland East Anglia Minileagues June

Ben Moyes takes over with his mighty Gipping Valley patch crashing in with 111.5%. His climb to number one in the comparative league was helped by a self-found Honey Buzzard. Sweet work squire! Nick Robinson failed to make any additions but his 111% is still good enough for second as is the equally static Ben Rackstraw in third place.

Jamie Wells adds a single point in June to extend his lead to nine points - this is going to be tough for Ben Lewis to haul back. In fact Jamie's point is the only one in the top three as Ben Rackstraw holds third but for how long? Ashley McElwee is now only a solitary point behind.

Aside from the aforementioned Honey Bunny there was precious little from the various outposts with a brace of Quail for Ashley McElwee at Felmingham and Spotted Flycatchers for David Gomer and Jonny Rankin. Mr Rankin also records his final score for Needham Market next month as he is shifting jobs and patches so he has supplied us with a blog post about the anxieties of changing patch which will be up in early August. Finally a flyover Great White Egret was seen by Ben Lewis briefly but also captured in magnificent hi-fidelity photography.

#recordshot  by Ben Lewis

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