Monday, 19 October 2015

Coastal South Minileagues - September 2015

Having not been on patch for two months, Paul Freestone racked up nine year ticks in the space of two days at Gwithian during September. Whinchat was among the list of species which helped Paul break the 100 species barrier and reach a comp score of 118%, placing him firmly in first place on the Coastal South Comparative Minileague table. 

Andy Rhodes and Amy Robjohns are now neck and neck in terms of species seen at their respective patches (Calshot and Titchfield Haven) and while Amy has scored more points overall, it is Andy's comp score of 114% which puts him ahead in second. Andy added no score for Sept while Amy reported highlights in the form of Razorbill, Roseate Tern and Cattle Egret. 

Roseate Tern with Common Terns at Titchfield Haven © Amy Robjohns

Not to be overlooked are those climbing the ranks further down the table. The battle to occupy podium positions in the Coastal South Comparative Minileague looks set to be an interesting one as we enter the final quarter of PWC2015.

No update from Joe Stockwell yet he holds on to first place on the points table in September at Ferrybridge to Weymouth but only by a matter of one point! His neighbouring patch contestant, Sean Foote, is threatening Joe's title after reaching 161 species and 240 points at North Portland where Grey Phalarope and Lapland Bunting awaited him in September. 

Kev Rylands also gains some traction, scoring 20 points from seven species at Dawlish Warren which include the returning Bonaparte's Gull, Pectoral Sandpiper, Grey Phalarope, Mistle Thrush (good patch bird) and finds of Barred Warbler and Wryneck.

While Kev still works hard to occupy third place, Paul Bowerman is doing well climbing up from fifth to fourth and passing the 200 points mark with Leach's Storm-petrels and Black Terns for him at Severn Beach.

Dick Best is also quietly making headway at Steart, Somerset. Great things to come from that patch in future no doubt. Another notable rare for a Coastal South contestant during September was a fine Rose-coloured Starling seen by Mark Lawlor on Guernsey. 

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