Tuesday, 20 October 2015


You may or may not have seen us mention on Twitter and Facebook that on the weekend of Saturday 7th / Sunday 8th November some #PWC2015 activities will be taking place. Well let us explain this in more detail now! It has a double edged sword to it, a last hurrah for the autumn and a push to keep everyone enthused in PWC with the winter coming up and the new year fast approaching (yes, #PWC2016 isn’t far off!).

Some late autumn bonus points could still be waiting on your patch.....

So what does it involve? Visit your patch and do some birding and keep a list for the day, tweet about it as much as possible with the hashtags #PWC2015 and #patchday and encourage others to join in that haven’t taken part in PWC before, the more the merrier!

And just in case you need some enticement we have a wee competition for the day and a prize to be won. We mentioned earlier to keep a list for your patch on the day as the person with the highest percentage of species seen out of their overall #PWC2015 list on that day (e.g. if I was to see 65 species that day, that would be 39% of the 166 species that I have seen so far in PWC2015) will win this nice prize:

You can spend as long or little as you want on the patch for the day just make sure you Tweet about it, post about it on our PWC Facebook group page (or even send us some content for the blog), spread the PWC word, see lots of species and enjoy yourselves.......


  1. So having registered, I think, and checked area on mapping tool - unable to save map so don't know how to let PWC know - unless I can find out how to submit any data it's highly unlikely that I'll be participating. Help on web site seems not very useful. Shame really 'cos it's such a good idea.

  2. Hi Mick,

    You don't need to let us know the size of your patch - it's just so you as a competitor can work out the area to fit the rules. With regard signing up - there is a form in the right sidebar but this isn't visible on the mobile view. If you are on a mobile device scroll to the bottom of the page and there is a link for web view and the sign up form will be there. We hope to host scores on the new website from Jan 1st and there will be instructions posted on the blog for that. Additionally you can download the scoreform from the sidebar which allows you to keep tally. If you have any further questions then email us at patchworkchalle ge@gmail.com. Regards James

  3. I have just submitted my January records; twice. Unfortunately I inadvertantly submitted the records before completing them so had to resend.

    A couple of things though please.

    Firstly; I changed my Patch very slightly from the one I initially submitted which covered a short section of the Thames Path and the area slightly inland, in the Erith area (I can't remember how I initially described it). I I I have extended it slightly to include a section of the Thames Path in the Belvedere area.

    And Secondly: I didn't know what to do with the Minileague so chose 'Inland South' viz. London being in the South and Inland!.

    I hope that I haven't confused/complicated &c. things too much.

    Kind regards ~ Mike Robinson

    1. That's all fine Mike. Plenty of folks massage their patches as they get to know them. With regard the submission, inland south is correct and I always take the final submission as correct unless indicated otherwise.

  4. Much appreciated; thanks very much for your patience ...