Thursday, 14 January 2016

Inland South Minileague - December 2015

Tom Raven wins the Inland South Comparative Minileague by a handsome margin. A self-found Dusky Warbler in December gives him a 9% margin and a final score of 136%. Josie Hewitt had an excellent finish to her year jumping from fourth to second with 9 Crossbills from November her recent highlight. Long-term second place patcher, Tom Stevenson, fell into third in the final month thanks to a blank month but he shattered his PB at Ewelme. There were no new members of the 100% club in December but with 8 out of 13 patchers managing it there has been a fair amount of success in the south,

Tom Raven had the points minileague won long ago but the 44 point margin is outstanding and as well as his Dusky Warbler he also added Firecrest and Siberian Chiffchaff in December. Nigel Milbourne added four points to his November score to secure second spot at Blagdon Lake. Lee Evans had a similar month with 4 points added but he bemoans the Bonxie which Ian Bennell was fortunate enough to see.

Tom Raven's Dusky Warbler. What a year for Tom
Other highlights from around the patches include a Firecrest for Graham White at Rye Meads who finished in fifth position. Neil Burt managed a brace of Brambling at Conningbrook which held onto tenth place for him. On Wanstead Flats, Nick Croft had a quintuplet of Firecrests and a Caspian Gull but gained only a couple of points to stay seventh. There was a Scaup at Sutton Bingham Reservoir in Somerset for Tim Farr which meant he secured twelfth. Points all over the place but very little movement in the league table. Finally there was a Bittern at the seventh attempt for Ian Bennell at Tring Reservoirs.

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