Friday, 22 January 2016

Wales Minileague - December 2015

It was a 'photo finish' at the top of the leader board for the Wales Comparative Minileague. However, both Alison C and Alun John managed to added an extra species each to their tally for December, allowing Alison to hold onto the coveted pole position by the skin of her teeth. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute, Julian Hughes finally broke the 100% barrier at RSPB Conwy, finishing on a respectable 101.449% before the year was out.

David Carrington dug in and remained firmly planted at the top of the points league finishing on 155 species and 199 points. Lower down the leader board, with no new species to add to his Newport Wetlands patch, Mathew Meehan fell short and conceded his second place to Barry Stewart at Burry Inlet who managed a last minute flurry and bagged six new species. Nice work, Barry!

With some fantastic birds being produced over the course of 2015, Wales should be an exciting one to watch in 2016.

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