Friday, 19 February 2016

Inland Scotland Minileagues - January 2016

A new year and a new start for the Inland Scotland leagues, however, no new name at the top of the Comparative Minileague for January. Chris Pendlebury was the person to beat last year and it would seem he would like to remain at the top for another year running. His Kinneil patch tops the board with 63%. Chris's Blairdrummond patch also nabs second place with 55%, while his Dunblane area patch also claims third position with 54%. However, Graeme Garner isn't far behind in fourth at 53% so perhaps he can shake up the Top 3 next month.

A few new patches and new faces added to the competition this year brings the Inland Scotland Points league to a total of 16 challengers. Yet again, Chris leads the table with his Kinneil patch adding a #patchgold Mute Swan and Med Gull and Red-throated Diver to give him a total of 72 points for January. Elsewhere, Chris added  a first patch record for both his Stirling (Barn Owl) and Dunblaine area (Shag) patches.

Not far behind in second place is David Carrington at Sker and Kenfig with 61 species and 68 points. In second and third, Graeme Garner is tied with, um, er, himself on points with both his Clackmannan and his Cambus patches scoring 62 species and 62 points.


  1. Sker and Kenfig are in Wales?

  2. Ah bums. Spot the deliberate mistake. I will rectify ASAP...

  3. I'd wondered what had happened. When you send my patch back to Wales can you leave some Scottish specials!