Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Inland Scotland Minileague - August 2016

August brings little change to the Inland Scotland Comparative Minileague table with the only mover being Chris Pendlebury at Stirling where the honour of adding Canada Goose to his patch year list saw him progress into fourth place after breaking the 90% threshold.

Graeme Garner and Chris are almost neck and neck in second/third, both in the region of 93% with just a fraction of a percent separating the two. Graeme added Green Sandpiper at Cambus during August, bringing up his score to within reach of the top of the table.

The same four contestants with scores of 100 points or more remain at the top of the Inland Scotland Points Minileague where Alastair Forsyth claims first place in the BirdTrack rankings with a very respectable 186 lists and 5240 records from Old Nisthouse.

Geoff Morgan was keeping a sharp eye on garden flyovers at Liberton West, adding both Mediterranean Gull and Snipe along with a skua which he was unable to ID 100% but Pomarine seeming the most likely answer. Nevertheless, ANY skua over your garden is exciting! 

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