Saturday, 22 October 2016

Coastal Scotland Minileague - September 2016

September brings lots of activity to the Coastal Scotland Comparative Minileague with almost every contestant increasing their comp scores.

Chris Rodger remains in first pace at Musselburgh, now on a hefty 116.9% after adding bonus points in the form of Long-tailed Skua.

Light-bellied Brent Geese at Musselburgh (c) Chris Rodger

Mike Hodgkin and Stephen Welch continue to battle it out for second place with Mike taking the spot this month but only by a matter of .01%!!! His gains were more significant compared to last months score with a four skua day on 11th September increasing his Aberlady Bay comp score from 100% to 107%. It was a Black-tailed Godwit at Gosford Bay which helped Stephen move from 105% to 107%, the species being less than annual there.

Tor Hamilton becomes the fourth contestant to reach 100% in the minileague, doing so at Leith.

Long-tailed Skuas certainly proved popular, Colin Davison also getting in on the action here, bumping up his points score at Scoughall to 222, taking him into first place from third by 1 point! This moves Mike and Chris down to second and third respectively.

Yellow-browed Warbler was bound to make it onto a patch list somewhere here during September and it was Andrew Whitehouse who listed it as a highlight for the month. More to come no doubt!

Some serious challenges for ranking position are being made across the Coastal Scotland Minileague as September draws to a close. With October to play for, it could get very interesting here!

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