Friday, 28 October 2016

Inland North - September 2016

No highlights of note from David Franklin this month at his two table topping patches, but his cracking year keeps him dominating the top two places. There is still plenty of time to be toppled though, and John Law at Old Moor is having a good crack, another two percent will be enough to dent the domination. Twelve patchers have now hit the 100% marker with plenty more not so far off. 

In the points league it is mighty tight at the top and is one of the most exciting league in 2016 - just seven points splitting the top 6 places with very familiar names fighting it out. It was Andy Bunting at Martin Mere who made the greatest strides adding Pectoral Sandpiper and Great White Egret. Two patchers were lucky enough to bag the bonus points in September, George Dunbar at Woolston Eyes was the latest to unearth a Yellow-Browed on patch whilst Pete Antrobus found a Spotted Crake trying to hide against the background at Neumann's Flashes.

Spotted Crake posing nicely at Neumann's Flashes c/o Pete Antrobus

Other notable additions in the month included Pintail, these graceful ducks started to come back to UK shores in September, including a patch first for Findlay Wilde. It was a month for patch firsts with Adam Moan getting first ever Shoveler and Marsh Harrier and Casper Pottle had Little Egret and Peregrine. Pete Antrobus narrowly missed out on bonus points for Great White Egret at Neumann's Flash in the month.

A rather disgruntled looking Great White Egret at Neumann's Flashes c/o Pete Antrobus

A quieter month overall in Inland North, perhaps summed up by Duncan Bye who pointed out that Rotherham United added more points in September than he did.

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