Friday, 30 December 2016

Coastal South Minileague - November 2016

Joe Stockwell extends his lead in his long running battle with Amy 'Record shot' Robjohns at the top despite Amy adding Black Redstart in November. Paul Bowerman continues to hold on to 3rd thanks to a Bewick's Swan and Woodcok in November but its getting close behind him with Andy Johnson and Ilya Maclean are only 3 points behind. Joe Cockram had a good month finding a Red-throated Pipit, probably the last one to be a 3 pointer in PWC as it moves up to 4 in PWC2017. Chris Townend had a good October (late with the scores ;-)) finding Serin and YBW. On the other side of things Paul Freestone had a bad month, no new birds and missing both Spoonbill and Whooper Swan!

Amy looks to have wrapped up the comparartive league thanks to her obsessive (her words!) birding at Titchfield Haven this year. 141% is an incredible score!! Likewise Paul Freestone looks to have 2nd place in the bag despite all the dipping in November. The podium position up for grabs is third, currently held by Mark Lawlor but Dick Best and Paul Bowerman aren't far away. Everyone else looks to be struggling to reach teh 100% mark this year, not through want of trying and Andy Johnsons 3 GW Egrets in November give him a small chance if December treats him well. Kev Rylands may be languishing down the table this year but he had a good November including an excellent piece of #patchgold and full fat patch tick, Barn Owl.

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