Thursday, 31 January 2013

the end of January... upon us, and along with it comes the time to sum up how you've all been getting on with the first month of the Patchwork Challenge. Loads of you have submitted scores using the form on the right of the blog - for which we're very grateful, but if you haven't, it'll soon be time to! If you haven't used the form, it's very simple, and if you've done things correctly you should get a message saying that you've submitted your score.

We dont really have a cut off point for receiving scores - but if you want your score to feature in our round ups (here, some hype on twitter and facebook, and a monthly update on Birdguides) then the sooner the better! We'll leave the january scores form on the blog for about a week into February.

Also, to the folk who have joined up more recently, we need you to give us your comparative scores if you have them (the comparative score is, if you have it, the average score - in points, not species of birds - of your last two representative years on patch). You can enter your comparative score in column 'J' of the housekeeping spreadsheet. If you dont submit one to us we will assume that you dont have one....Although we can accept one at any point really...

And after that, it's back to the birding! Get back to your patches and start giving us your February scores as and whenever you want (and the February score form is up on the blog, of course!)

Remember, your February scores are the total number of points you have accrued so far for the year (i.e. Jan and Feb).

So, keep an eye out for the updates and see where your January birding has left you in the ranks!  

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