Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The PWC Bird Race - 10th May - 20th May 2013

I'm sure that many of us have taken part in some sort of 24 hour bird race before, whether entering the official national one, or having a fun local challenge with friends, or in my case in a mini van with 10+ other students charging around the countryside of Aberdeenshire. I loved taking part and Aberdeenshire was great, mountains, woodlands, east coast so we racked up 130+ species most years.

But since I moved away from Aberdeen I haven't taken part in one, not being able to drive is probably a big issue as is not knowing the counties I've lived in since very well. So what better way to get back into some crazy 24 hour birding than a Patchwork Challenge Bird Race! Who can see the most species in a 24 hour period on their patch, no need for driving (for most of us) and we should all know our patches pretty well by now.

The rules are simple, see/hear as many species as you can on your patch 00:00h and 23:59h on any day between the 10th May and 20th May. Over this period it gives everyone a chance to participate hopefully. Now all we have to do is pick a date and wait to hear tawny owl calling at 00:01h.........
Hopefully one of these turns up at Hemsby mid-May.......

or/and one of these!


  1. Beat you to it! We had our 1st Annual Walthamstow Patchwatch on 27th April. Probably had 25-30 birders participate. 80 species seen during, what turned out to be a dreadfully quiet day. I equalled my personal best with 75. Maybe we should have postponed it for a later date this year?

    1. Sounds like a great day, incredible amount of birders for a small area! We've only chosen these dates as it normally coincides with the main bird race dates and gives all the patches a chance for some migrants to arrive, especially this year!

      I'm aiming for 75 species for my patch in Norfolk but limited to a choosing between a couple of days due to work/hols so can't pick best date weather wise!