Sunday, 18 May 2014

Ireland Minileague - April

Despite claiming it was slow going at Blacksod, Dave Suddaby extends his lead to thirteen points in the Irish Minileague and is 34 points up on this time last year. He is also four points ahead of where Owen Foley, then table topper, was last April. Niall Keogh is still in second and it ten points clear of third. Niall is also 11 points up on 2013 so he is on for a new high score. Neal Warnock manages to hold onto third with his new patch at Larne Lough and best finds of the month go to him with a brace of Kumlien's Gulls.

In the comparative league Eamonn O'Donnell continues to lead Michael O'Donnell. Eamonn currently has 95% and Michael is 6% back on 89%. A brace of very good scores. Neal Warnock on Rathlin, aided by a Golden Eagle this month makes third place on 77% displacing Alan Lauder who falls all the way to 7th with his Carrick Mountain patch.

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