Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Midlands Minileague - April

Ian Cowgill maintains his lead in the Midlands with a total of 168 points whilst 23 points back in second is John Hopper at Hoveringham. Nick Crouch drops from second in March to third in April whilst Andy Mackay keeps the pressure on in fourth. Find of the month was undoubtedly Espen Quinto-Ashman's Bluethroat which is a first record for Herefordshire. Seabirds are always notable on inland patches so a Kittiwake at Hoveringham and Sandwich Terns at Lound and Eyebrook were notable. Will May produce some bonus points in the Midlands? Regardless it will definitely produce plenty of migrants. 

Dave Roberts takes over at the top in the comparative league with a big shake up as last month's leader, Nick Self finds himself in last (or fifth depending upon how you look at it). Despite this there is a mere 7% separating all the players. Matt Griffiths is 0.7% off the top in second with Nick Crouch another 2.4% back in third.

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