Saturday, 24 May 2014

South West Minileague - April

Sean Foote is clear at the top but only by a point from his fellow Portlander Joe Stockwell. In a shock development to long-term followers of this minileague not only is Kev Rylands no longer top but he has dropped to third place (although at 36 points ahead of fourth and 4 tops off the top he hasnt exactly been dropped). Marcus Lawson managed to draw a point clear of Paul Bowyer to go clear in fourth. The only six pointers of the month are Joe Stockwell's Serin at Portland and Kev Ryland's Surf Scoter at Dawlish Warren.

The comparative table has a familiar leader for this year as Marcus Lawson becomes the first person in the South West to go over 80% at Swineham GPs. Paul Bowyer moves up a place into second with 79% whilst Roger Musgrove makes great strides onto 74% in third moving up from sixth last month. Dan Chaney manages to fall from second to sixth with his Falmouth patch but throughout the table it is pretty close.

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