Monday, 16 June 2014

London Minileague - May

Adam Bassett sits on top of the London league, but he's only a gnat's whisker in front of Nick Croft at Rainham (and Nick has one more species, so there must have been a little extra quality on offer at Little Marlow GP). However, Nick knows all about quality, and if there was going to be a prize for the best bird per minileague, it would take something pretty special to beat the Blyth's reed warbler that he found at Wanstead. Last year, Blyth's reed was good enough to make it onto our best find shortlist. It'll struggle to make it again this year, but it's still a tremendous bird, and the 12 point scored put Nicks Wanstead patch very close to Marek Walford in third place.

Micheal Terry is the first in London to get past 100%, but Jason reynolds is pretty close behind with 97.8%, and Adam BAssetts high score sees him in third. All of the London leaguers playing against a comparative score are now over 75%. I'm not sure what this means - but I'll speculate that it's something to do with it being inland. Something to ponder I think...

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  1. I hadn't added the finders points for the Blyth's so a few more there, probably just as well as I don't envisage troubling the scorers for June and July