Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Midlands Minileague - May

The best find of the month appears to be John Hopper's Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. There cant be many patches left with this species present so a bit of patch gold. This helped catch Ian Cowgill who failed to make any additions in May leaving John only 8 points behind. Nick Crouch keeps hold of 3rd place from Andy Mackay keeping the top three static. The general trend this month seems to be one of slowness with only a handful of decent birds and incremental additions to the scores. Hopefully this can perk up once those passage waders and moulting gulls start passing through next month...

Dave Roberts has been ousted from the top and falls into third place despite reaching 83.7%. Matt Griffiths takes over at the top on a fine 88.1% and Nick Crouch is in second on 85.6%. Richard Harbird is unlucky to be in fourth with a fine 82.7% whilst Nick Self rounds it off with a very respectable 75.9%.

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