Monday, 16 June 2014

Wales Minileague - May

Who'd have thought that Bardsey would be the place to be after May! Wales has had some top birds this year but it's no surprise that a good run of migrants has put the two Bardsey residents out on top of the Wales minileague. Both Steve and Ben are in joint third in terms of the number of species seen, which means that their top spots reflect the quality of what they've been seeing. Ben is ahead by a single point at the moment - but I'm typing this on the day he found a Blyth's reed warbler so things might have changed a little!

It looks like it might be a three horse race in Wales. Barry Stewart at Burry inlet is in third place, and is only 3 points behind the Bardsey Boys. Matt Meehan, Savi's points and all, is back in fourth, and is 14 points behind Barry. Is that a bridgeable gap?

It's all looking very different in terms of comparative scores though. The Bardsey Boys are languishing in 6th and 8th places, and top spot goes to Henry Cook, who is 5% (ish) ahead of AlisonC. At least Matthew Meehan is consistant, being 4th in both leagues.

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