Monday, 15 September 2014

Away Patches. Go!!!

To the right their is a new form - much like the monthly submission form. Its for the away patches this autumn. If you find yourself on a lonely headland looking at a Cosmic Sibe or Yank then the chances are that the home fires aren't burning so brightly but to ensure that PWC vibe continues we want to know what you guys are finding, where you are going and if you are one of the 328 people to connect with a Philadelphia Vireo on Unst? Best finds win....well nowt save the chance to get a mention on here and the chance for a little friendly competition. At present Ryan is up at Voe and Mark R heads to a top secret lair near Virkie shortly whilst Mark L will be hitting up Ouessant (Ed. - Isnt that France? Stretching it a bit). With the first Yellow-brows turning up massively early and a Daurian Shrike up on North Ronaldsay it looks to be kicking off but what can PWC'ers on tour turn up?


  1. I'm doing a week on St Agnes in October. Can you make the deadline quite late as I won't be back till 2nd November.

  2. There is no closing date but im guessing that all will be done and dusted by mid November.

  3. I'm liking this competition. I'm on Fair Isle for a week in October!