Monday, 15 September 2014

Inland North Minileague. August

August sees Wayne Gillatt leapfrog Darren Starkey to steal first place and create a monster 18 point gap. Wayne to his credit removed his Ruddy Shelduck find, starting the month six points down. Despite this setback he bounced back finding Temminck's Stint, Pec Sand and Great-white Egret. Darren on the other hand added Spotted Flycatcher and White-fronted Goose!! He might want to follow Wayne's lead in removing dodgy wildfowl though!

Moving away from the runaway leaders a real War of the Roses is taking place between 4th and 9th place with only 13 points separating Andy Bunting in 4th and Jonny Holliday in 9th.

Best find of the month goes to Paul Massey with a very enviable Citrine Wagtail at Grindon Lough.

For those that are in the game for their second year it's the comparative table that matters - COUGH!
James Common is sailing high with 113% with Peter Williams the only other to break the 100% mark.

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