Thursday, 11 September 2014

Coastal East Anglia Minileague - August

Tim Hodge at Horsey remains at the top in the Coastal East Anglia and looks on course to blast through the 300 point barrier. James Brown added 29 points in August thanks to finding Long-tailed Skua and Icterine Warbler to keep a foot in the door to winning the minileague. Gary White added 15 points at North Walsham to move up into third place above Gary Elton. Tommy Corcoran moves up one spot into sixth. Other Decent finds include Wryneck for Ryan Irvine and Greenish Warbler for Craig Fulcher. No big finds for Toby Collett this month but Red-necked Phalarope and White-rumped Sandpiper for some decent quality.

The top two both went over 100% in the Coastal East Anglia and Gary White closed the gap to 0.25% but Nick Andrews maintains his lead. Craig Fulcher and his Greenish managed to add 6% and stay on track for a 100% year.

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