Sunday, 12 October 2014

Inland East Anglia Minileague - September

Jamie Wells at Paxton is edging out Ben Lewis at the end of September with both adding good points in September. Ben scored with a Honey Buzzard and both patches added Pectoral Sandpiper. Nick Moran at Thetford had a good month, with Woodlark and Goshawk added but it is Steve Swinney at Linford who had the highlight of the month. Following easterlies on the 11th September, his inland patch scored with Sabine's Gull.

Nick Moran at Thetford leads the birdtrack record submissions by a distance, but his lead in the green league from Ben Rackstraw and Alison Allen is much narrower with all still to play for.

Steve Swinney's fine year at Linford means that he leads the comparative league with an impressive 127.3%. Joining him in beating last years total are Mark Nowers at Stutton and Jim Bradley at Surlingham. Meanwhile another 5 patchers top 90%, with Jamie Wells and Ben Lewis closing in fast on that all important mark with three months of the year still to go.

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