Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Ireland Minileague - September

Irish patch birders got stuck into Autumn with some notable species and points increases from last month.

The addition of 12 species including three six pointers in September by Dave Suddaby at Blacksod ensures a comfortable lead with 219 points and an impressive 1.64 points per bird. Niall Keogh at Kilcoole remains in second but Julian Wylie at Baltimore is hot on his heels in third with 12 new species added leaving him just one point short of second place. Not much movement elsewhere on the table but worth mentioning Tom Moore at Kilmore who added nine new species, consolidating his 7th place position.

The O'Donnells continue their post 100% run in the Comparative League with Michael adding three new species whilst Eamonn adds one. Great to see the momentum going here although ultimately making a tougher challenge for them next year (but that's what it's all about!). Tom Moore, Alan Lauder (Carrick Mountain) and Niall Keogh all break into the 90% region taking up 3rd, 4th and 5th pace respectively. 

A Red Kite at Kilcoole was a long awaited patch tick for Niall, a Pectoral Sandpiper at Baltimore was a good find by Julian (especially in a year with few yank waders about) and both Cory's and Great Shearwaters at Brownstown Head were well worth the seawatching time put in by Paul Walsh. Dave Suddaby is on hot streak at Blacksod adding a fine suit of excellent patch birds including a Red-backed Shrike (1st patch record & 200th patch species), Wryneck (2nd patch record), Firecrest (2nd patch record) & Barred Warbler (3rd patch record). There's hope for us mere mortals yet as I have it on good authority that he still needs Pheasant!

Red-backed Shrike as seen from Dave Suddaby's toilet!

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