Thursday, 17 March 2016

Coastal Scotland Minileague - February 2016

The leader of the Coastal Scotland Comparative Minileague (now there's a mouthful!) for February is Chris Rodger at Musselburgh. Remaining firmly planted at the top with an extra ten species for the month sees his lead over Andrew Whitehouse at Northeast Aberdeen and Donmouth increase to five percent. Andrew himself only managed to add one extra to his species total for the month, however, he didn't have to sweat for 2nd position as Stephen Welch's score remained unchanged at his Gosford Bay patch this month.

Further down the leader board, little change is seen, with only Jim Dickson  managing to knock our very own Mark Lewis down into seventh place. Although, Mark did manage cracking views of Slavonian Grebe at Girdle Ness which may slightly take the sting out of dropping a place on the board!

Slav Grebe at Girdle Ness (Credit: Mark Lewis)

With the majority having already broken the 50% milestone in February, there could be a bit of a shakeup for position on the leader board next month.

Not satisfied with leading the comparative minileague, Chris Rodger also tops the points minileague again with 108 species, giving him 133 points. Geoff Morgan at Barns Ness and Mike Hodgkin at Aberlady Bay both added species and points this month leaving their positions unchanged in second and third place. However, with only three points difference between them, will the places remain unchanged in March? Geoff also managed some awesome shots of his patch Shorties at Barns Ness - a firm favourite to see over the winter.

Short-eared Owl, Barns Ness (Credit: Geoff Morgan)

Short-eared Owl, Barns Ness (Credit: Geoff Morgan)

At Scoughall, Colin Davison made the biggest advance up the league this month. Adding a stonking twenty-nine species and an extra forty-two points, he somersaulted from seventh to fourth place, leaving him only ten points behind a podium position. If he carries on in this fashion, the top three better watch out!

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