Thursday, 24 March 2016

Inland Scotland Minileague - February 2016

Another month passes in the Inland Scotland league with Chris Pendlebury dominating the Comparative minileague throughout February; securing first, second and third place! With 72% of his 2015 score notched already at Blairdrummond, Chris appears well on his way to setting a new record during 2016. Further down the table Graeme Garner takes fourth place at Cambus followed by David Douglas at Loch Leven. Will the onset of Spring migration help these competitors break into the upper echelons of this, thus far, one sided league? Only time will tell.

To the points minileague now and David Douglas finds himself rooted in the top spot with a high score of 89 points at Loch Leven; followed by Gareme Garner in second place and Chris Pendlebury in third - I am sensing a theme here! Alastair Forsyth takes fourth place while Alex Ash rounds off the top five. Thus fair things remain fairly neck and neck between many competitors in 2016, it will be interesting to see how the situation develops with the arrival of the March Scores.

In terms of the birds seen this month, very few highlights were listed. Those that were however comprised some truly delightful birds, among these; Slavonian Grebe and Smew for Graeme Garner and both Jack Snipe and Red-Throated Diver for Chris Pendlebury. Elsewhere instances of #patchgold were rife with notable examples including Collared Dove for Chris Pendlebury at Blairdrummond, Woodcock for Alastair Forsyth and a patch first Jay for Geoff Morgan.

- James C (Patchwork Challenge)

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