Thursday, 24 March 2016

Islands Minileague - February 2016

There's no change at the top of the Islands Comparative Minileague, however, with less then 1% between the top two positions, Paul Higson at Quoyangry is holding on by the skin of his teeth. Will the March results see David Wood at RSPB Oa, Islay knock Paul from the top of the podium? He's already managed to displace IanT and his Askernish patch from second place by adding a further nine species to his tally and increasing his comparative score by fourteen percent. His Richardson's Goose find wasn't too shabby either...

Richardson's Goose, Oa (Credit: David Wood)

Looking further down the table more patches have broken (or will soon) the midway milestone this month, reaching fifty percent territory. There's no real major percentage difference across the board, and with the Spring migrants soon to be gracing us again, the league could see another shakeup as species are snatched here and there by the patchers.

Moving on to the all important points league, John Bowler has moved his Balephull patch to the top of the leader board, knocking Paul Higson at Quoyangry from his perch. Adding 26 additional points and finishing the month with 94 species and 146 points, he may be in pole position for some time to come! At Burray, Barrie Hamill has brought his patch into contention, switching places with IanT at Askermish, who couldn't muster an additional tick for February.

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