Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Global Patchwork

Check out Richard Gregsons brilliant Green Birding site.

Here, Richard encourages birders to approach their hobby in a more ecologically sustainable manner, and shows that there are many advantages to birding with a reduced carbon footprint. I could go on about it all here but there is a lot at Green Birding so instead, I'll thoroughly recommend you go and have a look yourself!

Richard has decided to take on the PWC format and make it applicable to North American birders by adapting the scoring system (using ABA codes) and slightly modifying the patch size rules - but essentially, the PWC foramt is going global! There's no reason at all why this can't be adopted in other countries too - all you need is a means of dividing species up into different rarity (and therefore points) levels.

We wish Richard very good luck with promoting this on the other side of the pond, and hope that it becomes an annual fixture over there (as we hope it does over here, too!) Hopefully Richard will be along in the future to tell us how things are developing!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Ireland - it would be Foley to write off the rest just yet...........

Sorry for another bad pun but again I'll blame Mark for this one. Owen has a healthy points lead over Niall in 2nd who in turn is closely followed by Eamonn. These scores may be outdated as I pinched soem from the wonderful blog http://patchbirdingireland.blogspot.ie/ so check there for the very latest. The comparative league see's Paul M pip Neal at Rathlin to the top spot by 1%, meanwhile patch challenge old timer Colin at Galley props up the table and points leader Owen finds himself 2nd bottom!

1Owen FoleyBallycotton12015949.6
2Niall T. KeoghKilcoole/Newcastle/Blackditch ECNR11314071.61125
3Eamonn O DonnellNinch/Laytown112138N/A
4Dave SuddabyBlacksod9613060.18519
5Tom MKilmore Quay10112754.2735
6Keith BennettBallyquintin99126N/A
7Neal WRathlin Island9311590.55118
8Paul WalshBrownstown Head9211478.08219
9Michael O'DonnellKilmichael/Kilpatrick/Kilgorman91108N/A
10Colin BartonGalley Head749344.71154
11Jason StarbuckClea Lough/Toye/Shrigley8390N/A
12Kilian KTralee748468.29268
13Alan LauderWicklow Head to Broad Lough6675N/A
14Stephen McAvoySouth Dublin Coast637474.74747
15Chris Murphy Killough, incl. St Johns Pt5256N/A
16Paul MooreIW 87 Midleton667691.56627
17Declan MurphyWicklow Woodlands and Uplands5152N/A
18Richard HunterLough Beg4749N/A
19Alan LauderCarrick Mountain384072.72727
20David McCormickMillisle1416N/A
1Paul MooreIW 87 Midleton667691.56627
2Neal WRathlin Island9311590.55118
3Paul WalshBrownstown Head9211478.08219
4Stephen McAvoySouth Dublin Coast637474.74747
5Alan LauderCarrick Mountain384072.72727
6Niall T. KeoghKilcoole/Newcastle/Blackditch ECNR11314071.61125
7Kilian KTralee748468.29268
8Dave SuddabyBlacksod9613060.18519
9Tom MKilmore Quay10112754.2735
10Owen FoleyBallycotton12015949.6
11Colin BartonGalley Head749344.71154

Monday, 20 May 2013

Wales - South vs West vs North

The south coast proudly boasts the highest points total, Mathew pipping Ben at Bardsey by 2 points. Henry makes up the top three on the north coast, only 9 pts from the top.

Henry holds a large lead in the comparative table, 122% already is an impressive score. Below him it is very close with Marc (99%) & Graham (98%) about 0.2% between them in 2nd and 3rd.

1Mathew MeehanNewport Wetlands119142N/A
2Ben PorterBardsey Island11014051.47059
3Henry CookConwy RSPB119133122.0183
4Ken CroftSoldier's Point108128N/A
5Marc HughesGreat Orme9712399.19355
6Julian HughesRSPB Conwy105114N/A
7Henry CookLittle Orme9211394.16667
8Graham PowellOgmore to Southerndown799198.91304
9Steve StansfieldBardsey Island688029.41176
10Adam TiltCefn Drum and Bryn-bach-Common525479.41176
11Alison CLlanfairTalhaearn3840N/A
12Paul DerbyshirePenmaenmawr/llanfairfechan00N/A
1Henry CookConwy RSPB119133122.0183
2Marc HughesGreat Orme9712399.19355
3Graham PowellOgmore to Southerndown799198.91304
4Henry CookLittle Orme9211394.16667
5Adam TiltCefn Drum and Bryn-bach-Common525479.41176
6Ben PorterBardsey Island11014051.47059
7Steve StansfieldBardsey Island688029.41176

Saturday, 18 May 2013

The South Coast - Comparatively Close part 3

Andy J has a massive points lead, 41 pts, with Ian, in 2nd, also holding a comfortable 25 pt lead over Adam in 3rd. Mark L at our most southerly patch is currently last although 74 points is respectable as the patch is considerably smaller than 3km squares!

Andy J is also top of the comparative table, although his lead is somewhat less with Ian less than 0.2% behind him and with Chris in 3rd only 3% behind it is yet another really close mini league.

South Coast
Position Name Patch Species Points %
1 Andy Johnson Sandy Point 142 192 74.56311
2 Ian Roberts Samphire Hoe 115 151 74.38424
3 Adam Faiers Sandwich Bay 108 126 N/A
4 Joost Brandsma Hythe 101 116 N/A
5 Cameron Bespolka St.Catherines hill, winchester 104 112 N/A
6 Liam Curson Cuckmere Haven and Splash Point 85 100 62.89308
7 Chris Powell Chartham 90 98 71.01449
8 Mark Lawlor Pulias Headland 66 74 56.92308
9 Andy Appleton Haysden 0 0 N/A
10 Ashley Howe Needs Ore NR 0 0 N/A
11 Barry H Foreness point 0 0 N/A
12 Dave Boddington Sheepcote valley to Brighton marina 0 0 N/A
13 Jacob Everitt Arlington Reservoir 0 0 N/A
14 Jim waterman Hamble Point 0 0 N/A
15 Michael Booker Black Ditch/Poling 0 0 N/A
16 Tony Beckett 0 0 N/A
17 Craig Sammels Pegwell Bay 0 0 N/A
South Coast
Position Name Patch Species Points %
1 Andy Johnson Sandy Point 142 192 74.56311
2 Ian Roberts Samphire Hoe 115 151 74.38424
3 Chris Powell Chartham 90 98 71.01449
4 Liam Curson Cuckmere Haven and Splash Point 85 100 62.89308
5 Mark Lawlor Pulias Headland 66 74 56.92308