Friday, 21 December 2012

Comparative scores

Look, on the right. Your right....the computers left. There is the form into which you can input your comparative scores. Hi tech or what!

All you need to do is fill out the three simple boxes and the internet will do the rest for us. We know (and we're very grateful for it) that many of you have already inputted your comparative scores onto our housekeeping spreadsheet - apologies for asking you to do it again! The reason for this is that the housekeeping spreadsheet is a little confusing in places, and also, because scores could well have changed since you put them in - it was about three weeks ago for some folks after all...

If we dont hear from you we will either assume the score you've entered on the housekeeping spreadsheet is the one you want to use - and if there is no score entered anywhere we'll assume you dont have a comparative score to imput

So, input your name, your patch, and your comparative points score. If you have scores for the last two years, use them for your average. If you have a single year you can use that as you 'average' instead.

If you're new to all this patching malarky and have no comparative score, please put a nice big N in the comparative score box. You will be entered into a league solely for good folks like yourselves.

So, sorry for asking so many of you to repeat yourselves! If you could have a go it filling it in we'd appreciate it as we hope to use these forms for getting monthly scores from you all. It would be nice to know that it didn't work with plenty of time to sort it out!


  1. My info has been added as an N so I hope the form worked. (I assume one year of half-watching on part of my patch won't give me a comparative score).

  2. I'm confused - the form on the right that you refer to seems to be a "current score" form rather than a comparitive score one, or am I missing something? I am sure I entered my average over the previous 2 years but just in case I messed up it was 65 species, 66 points.

    Tom (Ewelme Watercress Beds)

    1. Hi Tom,

      Sorry for teh confusion. The form on the RHS of the blog is for current scores. I have now entered your comparative score into our tables and this will be shown in teh end of February leagues. Sorry about that, you are on 63.63% and would be in 3rd place of the London league.