Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Norfolk - a mini league in the making?

This post is the first in a series as we start to introduce the patches to everyone. I thought I would start with the Norfolk patches for two reasons, firstly my patch is there and secondly 16 of the first 70 patches are from there. Now, I know what your thinking and that all the patches are from North Norfolk 'hot spots' but in truth there is a good mix of north and east coast patches as well as a few inland ones. We'll start in the north, Salthouse, Gramborough Hill, Felbrigg and Cromer all covered but no patches to the west of the north coast yet. Below are the patches of Salthouse and Cromer.

Cromer local patch
Salthouse local patch

The east coast is well represented with six entrants, although it only constitutes 3 patches. The Winterton collective have stuck to their parish which measured in just under the maximum allowed and there will be up to four of them competing there. Neighbouring either side of their patch will be a Sea Paling patch and my patch at Hemsby. The Winterton and Sea Palling patches are below, see the first post for the Hemsby patch.

Winterton local patch

Sea Palling local patch

And finally we have six inland patches, Thetford, Whitlingham CP, UEA, Thorpe Marshes, Syderstone and Mid-Yare. All are pretty varied and should have totally differnet lists, some relying on fresh water lakes and rivers and others on woodland, heaths and farmland. See the Whitlingham and Mid-Yare patches below.

Whitlingham CP local patch

Mid-Yare local patch

 So thats Norfolk for the moment but I'm sure there will be a few more patches before the months out.


  1. I see Tim has gone for the world's longest thinnest 3km sq :)

  2. My patch has changed a little since my first draft as I had some spare space, final area now on my blog.